The gold rush may be over, but there are still many treasures to find along the way.

Our newest three-day route takes you from one extreme to the next, in the best way possible. From the world’s largest temperate rainforest to a desert. From a vibrant city to a quaint mountain town. From tranquil ranchland to some of the most untamed wilderness anywhere on the planet.



DAY 1: Vancouver to Whistler

Beginning at the foot of the Coast Mountains, overlooking the stunning city of Vancouver, British Columbia, you’ll roll along the scenic fjord of Howe Sound. Making your way past massive cliffs and over bridges, you’ll arrive at Whistler in the early afternoon and spend the night in comfortable hotel accommodations. One of the world’s top ski resorts, Whistler co-hosted the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


DAY 2: Whistler to Quesnel

The next day, travel up the Pemberton Valley, and glide beside gorgeous Anderson and Seton Lakes. Turning north and west, the landscape becomes more rugged. More wild. Sheer cliffs on one side, milky green lakes on the other. You’ll emerge into the arid ranchland near Quesnel, Canada’s gold rush capital. The gold rush may be over, but there are still many treasures to be found in this historic region.


DAY 3: Quesnel to Jasper

After an overnight hotel stay in Quesnel, you’ll head north again. Wide-eyed, you’ll experience mountainous terrain, untouched lakes, and incredible waterfalls. You’ll gradually gain altitude and enter the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The awesome sight of Mount Robson, the range’s highest peak, will greet you as you wind your way to the alluring alpine town of Jasper, Alberta. Every step of the way, your emotions will follow the extremes of the journey, from silent awe to uncontained elation.


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