Travel back in time to the Wild West, and watch it all from your luxurious time machine.

Visitors to Canada—and Canadians too—are often struck by the sheer size of this country. Dividing the east and west of this immense territory is a boundary of almost unimaginable magnitude: the Canadian Rockies. The range’s mammoth proportions make the rail line that united the country all the more profound. Our First Passage to the West route retraces the steps of the 19th-century explorers who first forged a route to the west, and gives a living history lesson on the building of a nation.


DAY 1: Vancouver to Kamloops

Board Rocky Mountaineer in the urban oasis of Vancouver, British Columbia, and journey through the farmlands of the Fraser Valley. From fertile greenery, the landscape transforms to the towering peaks of the Coast Mountains. You’ll see the mighty Fraser River and the raging white waters of Hell’s Gate. Then, the landscape undergoes another transformation and you’ll find yourself amid scrub brush and desert. You will pull in to overnight at a hotel in the city of Kamloops.


DAY 2: Kamloops to Banff or Lake Louise

Your journey continues east along the South Thompson River. You will witness the historic spot at Craigellachie where the last spike was driven home on the Canadian Pacific Railway line, joining the two sides of one nation. You’ll ride through the Spiral Tunnels, a century-old engineering feat that helped tame the Rockies. En route to the charming alpine town of Banff, or breathtaking Lake Louise, you’ll see gushing waterfalls, and glaciers clinging to mountains that touch the sky. Be a modern-day explorer. Experience the rugged wilderness from your comfortable seat in the lap of luxury.


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